Happy Cow Dairy Co. Pvt. Ltd. is primarily engaged in aggregation of milk from dairy farmers of rural Maharashtra. We are a company supported by a group of investors and dairy industry professionals. Our guiding principle is consumer delight and farmers’ pride. We began our journey in November 2017 with 100 litres of milk and a single milk collection centre near Pune, Maharashtra with the belief that happy cows produce safe and healthy milk. We also believe fair and transparent pricing keeps farmers happy.

Sarda’s dream and vision began to take shape in 2017 with the support of friends who shared his vision. He has always recognized opportunities for growth within dairy farmers, who rely on dairy farming to provide for their basic needs.

Moowing has established bulk milk collection facilities with full testing, grading, chilling, and storage facilities. The company is making every effort to improve the livelihood of dairy farmers through transparent systems, fair practices, remunerative pricing and complete support through extension services.

The company has two commercial divisions: K2F (Kissan to Factory), which supplies cow milk in large quantities to factories, and K2C (Kissan to Consumer), which provides pure and natural cow milk to discerning consumers.